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How Process works

nicop application / renewal

nicop application / renewal

NICOP – Pakistan National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is issued to Foreign Nationals of Pakistan Origin or Pakistan National residing overseas. You can apply / renew NICOP from your country of residence without visiting Pakistan Embassy or Consulate-General Offices.


STEP – 1    Send us the required documents

Email/WhatsApp/SMS scan copies/ images of the following documents. We do not require any original documents.

Fresh/First Time  

1– Old National Identity Card (Hand-Written) – (If you don’t have, please call us to discuss) 


1– Expired National Identity Card – (If you don’t have, please call us to discuss) 

Other Documents  

2 – Pakistan Passport (Manual or Machine Readable)  

3 – Birth Certificate  

4 – Parents NIC  

5 – Foreign Residence Proof –  (If you don’t have, please call us to discuss) 

6 – Foreign Passport (if any)  

7 – Sibling/Children NIC – (if available to maintain family tree)  

8 – Passport Size Photograph (scan)  

9 – Two verifiers (Name, NIC No., Phone No.) must not immediate relatives  

If Married  

10 – Marriage Certificate –  (If you don’t have, please call us to discuss) 

11 – Spouse NIC – (if available)  

In case of Minor (Foreign Born) One of the Parent must be Pakistani national  

1 – Birth Certificate  

2 – Foreign Passport  

3 – Parent Valid NICs  

4 – Marriage Certificate 

5 – Passport Size Photograph (scan)  

6 – Two verifiers (Name, NIC No., Phone No.) must not immediate relatives  


STEP 2 – Documents and Information Verification 

We will verify provided documents and information to ensure that all requirements are completed as per NADRA guidelines. 


STEP 3 – Fees Payment (NICOP Renewal) 

NADRA requires upfront fees payment for NICOP Renewal Applications, because the system will show your personal data. 


STEP 4 – Application Preparation  

We will fill the application, upload picture and required documents on the NADRA Portal. 


STEP 5 – Finger Printing  

We will send you finger print form and guide you to get impressions correctly. 


STEP 6 – Application Information Verification  

Once we received Finger Print Form and upload it successfully, we will send you filled application information for verification 



If it’s first time application for New NICOP we process Government Fees Payment. See Schedule of Charges 


STEP 8 – Submission  

After we receive confirmation from you that the information filled in the application is correct or rectified as final.  

We will submit your application in NADRA system. 


STEP  9 – Application Tracking  

We will monitor application under processing and periodically update your application status and also inform you If any additional requirement is required by NADRA. You also receive application updates on your email. 


STEP 10 – NICOP Delivery  

Your NICOP is delivered to your provided foreign address through DHL directly from NADRA Head Office, Islamabad.


Schedule of Charges


Category Normal Urgent Exec.
31 Days 23 Days 7 Days
Fresh NICOP 62 80 98
Renewal 62 80 98
Modification 62 80 98
Cancellation N/A N/A 15
Reprint 62 80 98



NICOP Renewal in USA