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How Process works

Indian citizenship renunciation

indian citizenship renunciation

The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not allow DUAL Citizenship, renunciation of Indian citizenship is mandatory when you are acquiring citizenship of another country as soon as possible.

After the renunciation of Indian Passport, you are eligible to apply for OCI Card.

Kindly note that Govt. of India charges additional renunciation fees if you do not renounce your Indian nationality immediately after acquiring Foreign Citizenship. Sooner is better.

We facilitate to complete pre-requisites, we fill and prepare an application and provide ready to ship the package.


STEP – 1    Send us the required documents

Email/WhatsApp/SMS scan copies/ images of the following documents. We do not require any original documents.

1– Indian Passport (First Five Pages and Last Page having Parents information)

2 – US Passport

3 – Valid US Address Proof (Driving License / Utility Bill / State Id)

4 – Marriage Certificate (If Married)

5 – Naturalization Certificate

In case of Minor (Additional Documents Required)

6 – Parents US Status Proof (Green Card / EAD / Valid i-797 etc.)

7 – Parents Valid Indian Passports

8 – Birth Certificate

In case of Lost Passport (Additional Documents Required)

9 – Police Report

STEP 2 – Documents and Information Verification

We will verify provided documents and information to ensure that all requirements are completed as per government of India guidelines.

STEP 3 – Application Preparation

We will fill the application on the Government portal and prepare related forms and affidavits like Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship of India form, in-case of minor sworn affidavit, in-case of loss passport Affidavit of Loss Passport etc.

STEP 4 – Application Review

We will send you completed application for  review

STEP 5 – Application Submission and Fees Payment

After we receive confirmation from you, that the information mentioned on the forms is correct or rectified as final.

We will submit your application in passport systems and process fees payment See Schedule of Charges

STEP 6 –  We Will Send Ready to Dispatch Application Package

We will send you a complete application package including all forms, affidavits, payment Receipt, shipping label and mailing instruction

You will be required to sign and add the below original documents with the application package.


STEP 7 – Drop Application to FEDEX

STEP  8 – Application Tracking

We will provide you tracking link and required information to track your application status

We will also track application and inform you if any additional requirement is communicated from VFS Global or Indian consulate


STEP 9 – Delivery

Your Citizenship Renunciation Certificate will be delivered to your provided foreign address through FedEx directly from VFS Global.


Schedule of Charges
Govt. Fees including VFS Charges
Before 1-Jun-2010 US$76.49
After 1-Jun-2010 US$231.74



Indian Citizenship Renunciation