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How to Renew Indian passport in USA

Indian Passport Renewal in USA

Indian Citizens living in the USA with any valid status like Work Authorization, Green Card,  F1/F2/H1B Visa or with U-Visa, Asylum, VIVA Visa, or any other pending status with USCIS can apply for the Indian Passport Renewal in USA.

The validity of the Indian passport is usually ten years and customers with pending status will receive two years validity passport.

Indian Embassy, Washington, Consulate General Office, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Atlanta are processing Passport Applications and states of the United States are divided as per jurisdiction.

They are not accepting Indian Passport Application directly, the application must send through VFS Global.

Required Documents for Renewal of Indian Passport in USA:

  • Document Checklist
  • VFS Global Confirmation Letter.
  • Documents and Letter and Forms all specified in Checklist
  • 4 recent color photographs (White background).
  • US Legal Status details – A notarized color copy of Green Card or Employment Authorization Card or a copy of legal status in the US such as I–797, H1B/ F1/ F2 Visa, whichever is applicable.
  • Recent Original Indian Passport
  • Parents Passports (if minor)
  • Proof of USA Residence
  • Applicable Fee through Money order or Banker / Cashier check should be made in favour of VFS Services that is non-refundable or pay online through Debit/Credit Card.
  • Other documents based on the USA status of the applicant.

How long does Indian Passport renewal take in USA?

Indian Passport renewal usually takes 3-6 Weeks, but it is observed that if the application is filled correctly and all requirements are meeting, the Passport will be received within 15 days.

When to apply for Indian Passport Renewal in USA?

The Validity of an Indian passport is 10 years from the date of its issue. It must be renewed after the expiry of its validity. You can apply for renewal one year before the date of the expiry of the present passport.

What is the Indian Passport Renewal Fee in USA?

Indian passport renewal fee is $127.20 for a regular book.

Indian Passport Application status tracking?

You can track your application status on VFS Global website and you need the VFS Application Id/Tracking Id and Passport No.

Where to find File Number in Indian Passport?

File No. is written on the last page where the family Mother, Father and Wife Name are written. It is in the last row.

Photo Requirements for Indian Passport?

For Indian Passport, the photograph size should be 51mm x 51mm (2 inches by 2 inches). The background of the photograph should be plain white, and the dress should be in dark color.

Important: The CKGS is not any longer the service provider for Indian Passport Renewal services. The agreement with CKGS has been ended with Washington DC or its Consulates in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, NY, and San Francisco. The new service provider VFS Global is now a service provider. They have started operations on November 04, 2020, and Indian Passport Renewal services have been resumed.

We are USA based documentation facilitation service and helping Indian Citizens residing in USA & Canada since 2016 to renew their passports without visiting Embassy or Consulate-General Office. Our experienced staff ensures that clients do not face any hassles, delays & other administration related issues, and receive their documents as expected.

DocumentationNow expertise will help you to avoid rejection or delays. We support you until you received new or renewed document(s). We are in business since 2016 and having 2200+ satisfied customers all over Canada and USA. Our staff is helpful to answers all queries, such as eligibility for application, rules for children etc.

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How are we facilitating Indian Passport renewal?

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