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How to Renew NICOP in USA

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NICOP Pakistan

NICOP Pakistan National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is issued to foreign nationals of Pakistan origin or Pakistan nationals residing overseas and their foreign-born children.

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) is responsible to provide service in Pakistan and abroad to issue, renew or cancel NICOP. NADRA provides online services to apply for NICOP, NICOP Renewal, NICOP Modification, NICOP Cancellation etc.

NICOP Modification

If you want to change your Name, Surname, DOB, Address, Marital Status etc. you need to apply under this category. But every change required properly documented evidence.

NICOP Cancellation

In the below scenarios, you need to apply for cancellation.

  • More than one ID holder needs to apply for the cancellation of IDs.
  • Blood relatives of a deceased person can apply to cancel the NICOP, so it cannot be misused.
  • If a person acquired nationality other than the countries listed below and already renounce Pakistan Nationality.
Australia France Netherland
Belgium Finland Sweden
Bahrain Iceland New Zealand
Canada Ireland Switzerland
Denmark Italy Syria
Egypt Jordan United Kingdom
USA Netherland

NICOP Reprint

If your card is lost or stolen, you can apply to reprint your NICOP.

NADRA processes application in three processing categories, Normal, Urgent and, Executive and processing time and fees based on selected categories.

Category Normal Urgent Executive
31 Days 23 Days 7 Days
NICOP Application 62 80 98
NICOP Renewal 62 80 98
NICOP Modification 62 80 98
NICOP Cancellation N/A N/A 15
NICOP Reprint 62 80 98


General Guidelines to Apply Online

  1. Register an account
  2. Choose a relevant category and start your application
  3. Fill in the application form Online
  4. Pay fee through Debit/Credit Card
  5. Scan and upload photograph
  6. Scan and upload fingerprint form
  7. Upload required documents
  8. Submit Application

We are Documentation experts. We facilitate the complete process, fill forms, ensure that all required documents are verified and you will get your new or renewed documents from NADRA directly without visiting the Embassy.

Our expertise will help customers to avoid rejection or delays. We support customers until they received new or renewed document(s).

Call now for free consultation +1–346–374–6434

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