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Pakistan Origin Card – POC Card

Pakistan Origin Card

Pakistan Origin Card – POC Card

What is Pakistan Origin Card?

The Pakistan Origin Card program aims to provide remarkable incentives for eligible foreigners to return to their roots. While ensuring that the homeland is firmly connected to immigrants around the world.

Who can apply for Pakistan Origin Card?

  • If you were a Pakistani Citizen and have renounced the nationality.
  • If you are a foreign citizen, married to a Pakistani citizen and your parents are of Pakistani descent or already have Pakistani citizenship
  • If you are not a citizen of Pakistan and your mother or father or grandparents are or were Pakistani nationals.
  • If you are a foreign national and any of your blood relatives (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) are or were Pakistani citizens.
  • A foreign national, who married to a Pakistan citizen is eligible to apply for POC.
  • Citizens of India, Isreal, and Taiwan cannot apply for POC.
  • The citizen or national of a state or country not recognized by Pakistan, and the citizen of any enemy country cannot apply for POC.

Any Pakistani citizen has acquired the nationality of any country, who has no dual citizenship agreement with Pakistan. They need to renounce their Pakistani citizenship by applying for CNIC/NICOP cancellation and after renunciation of Pakistan Nationality, they can apply for POC Card.

POC holders are eligible for the same benefits as NICOP holders except that they are not eligible to apply for the Pakistani passport, because they are considered as Pakistan Origin, not Pakistani National.

  • Benefits of having Pakistan Origin Card
  • Visa-free entry into Pakistan.
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan, they do not need to report to police-station or foreigners’ registration offices, etc.
  • Lawful to buy, sell, own, deal with and dispose of movable and immovable property in Pakistan.
  • Entitle to open and operate the bank accounts in Pakistan.
  • Eligible for swift immigration into/from Pakistan at all designated routes and places.
  • May obtain Employment.
  • Can be treated as evidence of identity.
  • The validity of POC is seven years (except the foreign spouse)

Who cannot apply for Pakistan Origin Card?

  • A person who was bereft of Pakistan citizenship by an order passed by the Federal Government under subsection (2) or subsection (3) of section 16 of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951).
  • A person who ceased to be a Pakistani citizen upon the formation of Bangladesh under subsection (1) of section 16-A of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951).
  • A Pakistani national who was domiciled within in the territories of the hitherto Province of East Pakistan (at present Bangladesh) but who, before 16th December 1971, ceased to be a Pakistani citizen and obtained the nationality or citizenship of a foreign country (excluding India and Israel) unless he or she can prove a minimum of one among his/her living relatives to be presently a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Any person who is holding citizenship or nationality of Israel or India.
  • Pakistani national’s spouse meeting the above criteria is also NOT eligible for POC.
  • The spouse of a Pakistani citizen who is national OR has an origin from the following countries are also NOT eligible for POC:
  • India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Bhutan, Sudan, Nigeria, Serbia, Somalia, Uganda and PLO.

How long does it take to arrive POC card?

It’s usually received within six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

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